The pre-visualization process is the first step towards creating new worlds for a live event. It is an essential part of ZOe’s production process on two fronts:

Logistics and Operations

Scaled site plans and renderings are crucial for space planning, emergency planning, fire marshal and permit approvals, venue communication, lighting design, and power distribution among other uses. It also gives our team and our clients a sense of how the entire event space will look and feel when it’s fully built-out in both two and three dimensions.


The beauty of a live experience is that design and creative concepts can be expressed in an endless number of forms. The pre-visualization process on the creative end is just as diverse… from napkin sketches to fully developed 3D environments, each iteration helps us assure we are aligned with our client’s vision and is also an essential function of the development an fabrication process.

From the first inklings of an idea, to a vision conceptualized in digital space, it’s always thrilling to see it come to life…