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Pacific Life Annual Recruiting and Marketing Meeting


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For the past seven years, the ZOē team has been honored to produce the Annual Recruiting and Marketing Meeting for Pacific Life. Sustaining this honor brings the challenge of not only creating a fresh, engaging platform for Pacific Life executives to voice their messaging during three days of general sessions, but also transforming that platform into an atmosphere worthy of decadent celebration for the annual awards gala.

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Event Sizzle

Pacific Life tasked ZOē to conceptualize an event strategy inspired by the Dear World initiative - a photography-based social awareness project created by Robert Fogarty. Incorporating stark black and white imagery and a photo-documentary feel, a set was designed allowing for a far greater variety of visual content than had ever been seen at this event. In addition to two standard projection screens:

  • A stunning center 14’ x 6’ high resolution LED widescreen to display custom videos, motion graphics, and still photos; including photos from a special ‘Dear World’ shoot featuring Pacific Life executives
  • A vibrant 30’ x 16’ rear-hanging LED curtain to enhance lighting and texture
  • A custom LCD podium providing a fourth source of content for the attendees’ visual experience

With an overhauled ambiance and the stage set for celebration, the evening launched in the foyer with a cocktail hour, giving guests their own Dear World photo shoot. It crowned a thematic piece that had been woven through the entire experience - from the opening of the general session, to on-screen imagery during the week, to a keynote speech from the Dear World founder, to a fully immersive photo shoot. As a follow up - Pacific Life created a coffee table book with attendee portraits for guests to hold as a memento.

Astonished guests entered and investigated details in the ballroom that appeared unrecognizable from earlier that day. Classic rock music guided the thematic transformation as dinner was served and the awards ceremony began. Each major award was paired with a choreographed performance from NY-based entertainment group “The Water Coolers,” featuring custom crafted songs singing the names and praises of each honoree. Images of classic rock concert posters overhauled with winners’ names and faces were projected, and the central LED screen was illuminated with custom rock-inspired motion graphics.

At midnight, with another successful ARMM awards in the books, the ZOē team reset the ballroom to its original configuration for a final day of meetings the following morning. Although the energy, excitement, and sing-alongs from that evening could only be experienced in those few short hours - the memories (and a few great photos) remain as a reminder that Rock and Roll lives on … along with the achievements of the Pacific Life team.