ZOē Productions

Let’s Change the World



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ZOē Productions’ mission is to produce live events and experiences that do more than merely raise funds, but:

SocialImpact_Headerv2-20240415151705.pngEvents make an impact. When you gather a community of people together and create an experience that stands out from their day-to-day lives, you can harness a unique power that only an event can offer. Immersive experiences have the power to educate, to enlighten, to engage, to imprint….. and to truly change hearts and minds. ZOē Productions aims to harness that power to initiate positive change in the world. Whether creating events focused solely on social impact, or working to integrate positive messaging and action into the framework of existing events - ZOē seeks to join forces with clients and partners to put our money where our heart is.

While we will happily champion any cause that puts good juju into the world, our passion lies in the areas of: mental health, creating opportunity for neurodiverse individuals, sharing culture through food, embracing diversity, empowering & elevating the voices of the LGBTQ+ community, & creating equal access to education for all.

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Take a look at an event that made a meaningful impact by honoring the legacies and stories of LGBTQ+ filmmakers