ZOē Productions

Create a New World

With heavy inspiration from the Wizard of Oz, ZOē Productions was founded on the philosophy that just as Dorothy crossed from her drab black-and-white existence into a magical Technicolor land with merely a few steps across the threshold of her doorway - events have the power to transport guests into entirely new worlds, just steps away from their own realities.

They are not only worlds filled with imagination, but worlds crafted from the ground up to communicate all the nuances of a brand’s voice in three dimensions. Each surface, each interface, each person they meet: an incarnation of a brand brought to life.

We have a deep appreciation for what it means to bring people together, at a specific time, in a particular place, to experience something that never existed before that time, and will never quite exist like that again.

Tell a Story

Every brand has a story to tell. Live experiences have the ability to tell that story in ways that no other medium can. Without the constraints of a page or a screen, events allow the story to unfold onto a fully immersive and interactive canvas, affecting all five senses in a profound way.

From subtle cues, such as the subconscious connection to the aromas in the air, to the playful expression of a brand’s personality, told through the design of the centerpieces, to the jaw dropping effect of an over-the-top-multimedia spectacular… each sight, each sip, each sound, all play a role in telling the tale.

We use events to redefine audience engagement by creating visceral and emotionally connected experiences that narrate a brand message like nothing else can.

Make a Permanent Mark

In this ever-evolving world, filled with sound-bites, media, and an infinite cycle of stimulation - genuine human connections are paramount. Events and experiential branding are of the most compelling and effective ways to cultivate those connections.

We seek to capitalize on our knowledge and understanding of how powerful a live experience can be - how it can affect a consumer on a much deeper level than a commercial ever could, how it can genuinely motivate an employee, how it can form a lifelong memory.

Events are the perfect tools for our clients to align the strength of their brands with the power of experience; imprinting their messages in a meaningful and indelible ways.